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Anabolic Ayurveda Herbs


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Anabolic Ayurveda Herbs

Anabolic Ayurvedic herbs or preparations are the agents, which take from the blood, substances required for the repair and growth of the body. These convert non-living materials into the living cytoplasm of the cell. anabolic agents may be given during growing period of the child and to convalescent patients. They prevent the body from gross protein deficiency, and fatty acid infiltration of liver. They increase red blood cells but decrease urea. These are free from hormones and thus are quite safe.
The following are some of the important Ayurvedic agents used for this purpose:

Amalaki rasayana

This is prepared from the dry juice of Amla,. It raises the protein levels and thus increase the weight.


It is said to impart the power of a horse to human body by its Rasayana effect. For gaining weight boil 20 gm Asgandh Nagori powder in one liter of milk, till a thick slurry is formed, add Mishri and drink it in the morning. For additional benefit and if digestion is good, add one spoon of Ghee to the milk also.


It is a nutrient for bones and cartilage and is said to have a special effect on the organs under the ribs.


This composite herbal product is effective because of Amla and the other herbs. It helps in the chronic infection of respiratory system, increases protein metabolism, blood and weight and decreases urinary nitrogen and creatinine level.


It increases level of hormone testosterone by 50 per cent and has a stimulating effect on sexual, nervous glandular and, muscular system. It may be given with sesame seed, cardamom and Ghee.


It causes weight gain, increase in red blood cells and significant drop in white blood cells. In an experiment, it significantly increased weight of male sex organs, sperm count and sperm motility.


It increases metabolic rate with significant increase in tissue oxygen uptake.


It decreases mean levels of blood urea and retention of nitrogen ,which help in growth and longevity.

Salai Guggal

When administered for a long period of time, it increased the body weight and leukocyte count


It acts as an anabolic agent by aiding the absorption of nutrients from the food which help in appetite and hence the gain of body weight and an increase in percentage of hemoglobin in the blood.


It stimulates the digestive system, prevents vitiation of blood, rejuvenates body, increase vital fluid, helps in problems of heart, chest and of nervous breakdown.


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